Things to Consider when Designing a Website

Things to Consider when Designing a Website

Posted by: | Saturday - 21/01/2023 12:45:06

Web design is extremely important for any business and we will see the important things in this blog. 

Choosing a Hosting Platform

Hosting a website can be complicated. You need to choose a platform to host, and compare prices, and disk space offerings.

Once you decide that you want to set up a website, the very first step you need to look at is buying a domain and checking out the hosting options available to you. Where you buy the hosting from is secondary right now, as the major decision depends on what type of hosting you need and the platform (Windows or Linux) on which you need to host.

The simplest, and cheapest, option is to opt for Linux hosting running a PHP/MySQL site that will give you the database-driven online presence you need and also some cool options for automatically setting up a site.

Ideally, you should design your site first and then decide on your hosting by the size of the files you have and the number of visitors you are expecting.

Designing a Website

What affects your online presence most, either as an individual or as a company, is, perhaps, your WEBSITE. Your home page is the one thing that defines you most, for the millions of strangers online. Today, with so many free options for web hosting, it’s almost a crime not to have a functional and regularly updated site.

First up, if you’re planning on designing your company’s Website, you need to ensure that you have the very basic things such as a logo, company colors, and so on. If you only have a company logo on your letterheads and visiting cards, and no copy of it in digital format on your computer, you need to scan the logo from a card of letterhead and clean it up a bit using software such as Photoshop or Coral Draw.

The beauty of the Web is that you never need high-resolution images for content. A resolution of 72 or 100 dots per inch (dpi) is more than sufficient. Not only does this simplify your work when cleaning up images in image editing software, but it also means the file sizes will be much smaller, and thus easier to upload or e-mail

If the site you are designing is for a company, you need to match the site and design with your company’s colors. For example, since the Thulir logo is green, navigation colors are highlighted in green color with white background. However, you need to be careful to match the exact colors of your logo with your corporate identity and the products you sell. By and large, white background with black text is universally considered the most readable-and you shouldn’t mess with tradition!. Even if you decide to go with a colored background, make sure the site uses dark text on light backgrounds.

Web Design Mistakes

Misleading Or Useless Page Titles

This is the text that is supposed to describe the current page, or at least your site as a whole. This text appears between the <title> and </title>’ code tags on an HTML page. Sadly, most beginner designers fail to notice the importance of titles, and leave it as “Welcome to”.

Again, this is very wrong when you take into account the way search engines display results: almost all search engines make the link to the results of the page title. Even if a search throws up your page as a result, all a potential visitor sees is the text “Welcome to”, and a few lines from the site. The page title is what will draw a visitor to your site, and as the latest generation of net surfers is quite at home with search engines, they have learned to ignore sites with such title tags.

Let’s say you’re in the business of selling computer hardware and your site is called ‘’. Another company also Sells IT products and has a site called ‘’. Let’s assume a potential visitor or customer searches for “computer hardware vendor India” in a search engine and gets the following results:

We believe in finding the right solutions for your pocket. Whatever your budget for computer hardware, we have a configuration that will fit your needs. Vendors of…”

Your source for in-depth computer hardware info.

The best computer systems in India at unbeatable prices “ABC is the leading computer hardware information resource on the ‘Net. We have all the information you need about computer hardware, including vendors…

Abc is a renowned computer hardware vendor based in Mumbai. We deliver anywhere in India within 48 hours, and have over 1,000 service centers located at..”

Even though your site,, may show up first, chances are potential visitors will click on the link to, only because the title tag matched what was searched for. In an age where Web users estimate relevance based on a quick scan of content on search engines and websites, the wrong title tag could kill your chances of getting hits.


Some Websites give you the idea that the people who designed them are color-blind! You will come across many sites that are likely to drive you mad or make you blind if you spend too much time on them. This is mainly due to a very bad sense of color matching. There isn’t much to explain here-with millions of color combinations are available, it’s purely up to you to decide what combinations are just not right.

Browser Support

Most designers don’t seem to care about whether their sites work on browsers other than Internet Explorer (IE). In fact, it’s not just site design you should worry about, you should also choose a hosting solution that is compatible with most browsers.


Very often, you come across sites that lead you to a page best described as a virtual dead-end. Somehow, visitors might get stuck at a place, and have no clue as to how they got there. This usually results in a visitor clicking on the title on the top right corner, vanishing your site from their screen forever! The entire reason for taking pains to design sites is to avoid this from ever happening.

Outdated Pages

Nothing is worse than having a site that has outdated content. Sites that contain content on the home page that was last updated over a couple of months ago are often considered ‘neglected’, and are ignored by visitors. This holds true especially if you add a News section and start updating it regularly, and then somewhere along the line, falter and stop updating it.

No Resizing

Web pages that cannot be resized are a big no-no. Often, people browse Websites on mobile phones. If half your content is not visible because your site does not allow for resizing, you have a problem on your hands. Now that you know what not to do, it should be pretty simple to understand what is acceptable. Just avoid making any of the mistakes mentioned here and make it better!